Activate The Lioness Within

A Live 2-Hour Coaching Experience with Cait Scudder

April 8, 2021

Welcome to The Pride Lands, you Lioness, you.

This ain’t your average leadership workshop.

It’s time to remember who the fuck you are.

The Lioness is more than just a symbol -- she’s an archetype. 

A fierce protector.

An unapologetic provider.

A loving mother.

And above all, a communal creature devoted to the common good of the pack over her own individual interest.

And she’s living inside you, waiting to become unmuzzled.

When you become unmuzzled, you learn to trust yourself.

To create with authority.

To attract with benevolence.

To lead without waiting for permission or fear of taking up space.

To rise at quantum speed and lift others with you as you go.

To become the kind of woman who leads herself first, and as a result, inspires others to follow in your footsteps and unmuzzle their own leadership.

I created this experience because daily, I see too many business owners chasing the wrong tactics to solve their problem.

Scrambling for the formula, the script, the spreadsheet in order to fill their programs, amplify their reach, and hit their income goals -- whether it’s a six-figure year or a six-figure month.

There’s a better way.

An unmuzzled way.


Where loving leadership meets unmistakable unrepeatable expression.
Where tenacity meets truth-telling.

Where the traditional patriarchy-hierarchy approach to entrepreneurship is replaced by an inclusive model that returns the power to the people and makes more room for all.

A successful business requires equal parts energy and strategy.

Belief and behavior.

Mindset and marketing.

Confidence and content.

And when you learn to unmuzzle both sides of the equation, you become unstoppable, a force field all your own.
Inside Unmuzzled, the LIVE 2-hour workshop, I’m diving into the anatomy of creating an unmuzzled brand and business.
Because sold out programs, high ticket clients, 6-figure + launches, and a loyal raving community?

These are the byproduct of activating the lioness within and becoming unmuzzled in the way you think, speak, create, and lead.

What You’ll Learn Inside

  • The energetics of unshakable confidence and self-sourcing permission to act and speak as an entrepreneur 
  • How to unlearn hierarchy-based scarcity and rise into benevolent leadership that creates more space for all
  • ​Why defining and aligning to your core values creates a magnetic force field that naturally grows loyal community and client base.
  • ​What the “authority wound” is and why it holds heart-centered women back from becoming powerful world-class leaders (and how to embrace your inner authority in order to unmuzzle your impact, income, and fulfillment)
  • Unmuzzled branding essentials: Exercises to turn your brand into a scroll-stopping, jaw-dropping, can’t-get-enough-of-her event across platforms.
  • ​Unmuzzled content: How to find and write words that mobilize and energize, that include and inspire, that uplift and unite, from sales pages to social copy and everything in between
  • ​Finding your roar: Activating the Lioness leader through clear content and calls to action.
  • ​Writing rituals to awaken and unleash your most articulate, spellbinding expression, and to start saying what you’re really here to say.
  • ​Execution practices to activate unmuzzled energy throughout in-the-business and on-the-business tasks


My Cash Money Content Bundle -- with the exact prompts and templates that have helped me hit upwards of half a million dollar launches.
A leader is more than just hashtag #unfiltered.

A lioness level leader is unmuzzled in her content, her confidence, and her conduct.

She doesn’t wait for permission or signs from the universe to act.

She leads herself and moves others to action, with poise, power, and prosperity consciousness for all.

Are you ready to become UNMUZZLED?

The Deets

🦁2 hour live coaching experience on Zoom, with the final 30 minutes for hot seat coaching with Cait for live participants

🦁Lifetime access to the replay

🦁 Accompanying workbook with actionable exercises to help you find your voice and amplify your leadership.

🦁 Bonus content workbook.

A Live 2-Hour Coaching Experience with Cait Scudder


Thursday, April 8th at 6 PM EST 
Friday, April 9 at 9 AM Sydney
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